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PostPosted: Wed Jul 6, 2022 7:41 am 
Lets try something new, be nice to me...

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This may not belong in the "Music" thread. But I also don't think it belongs in "General." It isn't solely music related but The Unicorns are a key factor in this. So if you want me to repost this in a different thread I totally will! Anyways here's the story:

Around 4 or 5 years ago I went on a date with this guy. I was in a really messed up place (lots of drugs & depression) but I met him at a time where I was trying to clean up my act. He had picked me up in his car and we were going to get dinner some place. Everything was incredibly awkward and then he gave me AUX. I played Jellybones. He cranked up the volume knob and went "OMFG YOU KNOW THIS BAND?!?" and just like fucking magic the awkwardness dissipated. We actually skipped the restaurant altogether and drove around listening to The Unicorns and talking about life. He told me he spent so much time trying to find more stuff like them. He said he frequented Unicorns internet forms and the depths of Youtube.

Unfortunately the night after the date some bad things happened outside of my control and I'm ashamed to say I fell into old habits. A lot has changed since then. I'm clean now (coming up on 3 years) and doing really well. One part of the 12 step program I'm in, is that I continue to make amends and express gratitude to those who have helped me. I recently stumbled upon a Unicorns CD while cleaning up my apartment. And it reminded me of that date that acted as moment of normalcy in a chaotic time of my life and also was facilitated in large part by the music of The Unicorns. I want more than anything to find him and say thank you. Also to make amends for any trouble I may have caused him.

I forget his name. Which I feel awful about. But honestly It's miraculous I remember as much as I do about that time in my life. All I know is that he roller-skates a lot. Like he's really good at rollerskating and taught kids at a rink for a while. He lives (or lived) in Torrance, CA and is probably in his mid 20s by now .. oh and he LOVES The Unicorns.

I know this is all really strange. If I had another way of contacting him myself I would. But I was hoping maybe this forum can help me reconnect with him since I know he frequented them. Any info would be helpful.. Thank you.

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